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Quality handmade greeting cards, invitations and custom scrapbooks for all occasions'.

A handmade greeting card is not only a beautiful way to show someone that you care, it is also an economical alternative to commercially produced greeting cards. Each card sold on handmade greeting cards is as unique as the intended recipient.
Most of my cards on offer are one off designs. Some designs are produced in limited quantities, but even these will have subtle differences making them unique designs as well.

If by chance you can't find a card to suit, please send me an email to discuss a custom card and I will see what I can do.

If you wish to purchase a quantity of more than one of any of my individual designs, please contact me prior to ordering to discuss this. If I have more than one particular card design in stock, the quantity available will be displayed in the description.

Card Prices
As a general rule my cards are priced according to the amount and type of materials used to construct the card and to a limited extent the time and work that has gone into the creation of the card. I do not charge extra if you wish to have a hand written message inserted in your card and the card posted directly to the recipient.

Personalized Messages
Why not have a personal message hand written inside your card and then sent direct to the recipient. This option is now available, simply fill in the details in the optional box at checkout and your card will be personalized and delivered to the recipient. All personalized cards must be paid for using Pay Pal as this allows immediate posting of your card. Once payment is received we guarantee your card will be posted by the next business day.

***Please note that this service is only available on individidual card purchases. If you wish personalized messages on bulk orders, please contact me via email for information and pricing.pbyrne73@oh.rr.com





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